100 ml M@H Chalk paint 00 White

33 Industrial dark green


MADE@HOME Chalk paint is ideal for decorating your furniture or accessories. Chalk paint can (almost always) be applied directly without a primer. There are various techniques with which you can apply a good coating of the paint. Chalk paint can be applied both indoors and outdoors (for example, protected by a canopy). 

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The two most commonly used techniques are:


1. Sanding through. For this you apply the first layer and let it dry for 4-8 hours. Apply a second layer of a different colour over the first layer. Once it is dry, sand it through with fine sandpaper or steel wool. The first colour will shine through locally for an attractive, authentic result. To waterproof and protect this layer, it is best to treat it with MADE©HOME Clearwax©.


2. Apply a layer of MADE@HOME chalk paint, allow it to dry and then treat with MADE @HOME Clearwax ©. On top of this layer, apply one of the beautiful colours of MADE@ HOME chalk wax with steel wool. Also in this case, it is advisable to then apply MADE@HOME Clearwax © for protection.

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